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The privacy of our students’ has always been of utmost importance to Excel Ed. Excel High School has a long history of protecting your privacy and our concern for your privacy is no different in the electronic age. Our Internet privacy policy is:
  • You do not have to give us personal information to visit our site.
  • We will collect personally identifiable information (name, birthdate, home address, email address, or other unique identifiers) only if specifically and knowingly provided by you. We collect this data solely with the intention of processing student enrollment applications and providing education services.
  • Personally identifying information you provide will be used only in connection with Excel High School programs and services or for such other purposes as are described at the point of collection.
  • Information is collected for statistical purposes and EES sometimes performs analyses of user behavior in order to measure customer interest in the various areas of our site.
  • We do not give, sell or transfer any personal information to any third party; unless required by law.
  • We may enable "cookies." A "cookie" is a file placed on your personal computer's hard drive by a website that allows it to monitor your use of the site.

Web Site Security

Excel Education Systems is committed to the security of the information that is either available from or collected by this website. EHS has taken multiple steps to safeguard the integrity of its telecommunications and computing infrastructure, including but not limited to, SSL authentication, monitoring, auditing, and encryption.

Information we collect automatically

While you are using our webpages we collect anonymous traffic data using cookies, small files related to the website or app you're viewing that provide a kind of 'short-term memory' for that website. Types of information in cookies might include general information about your visit, sometimes aggregated with data from other visits, that helps us understand how users are interacting with the website or helps the website to function properly. It may include data such as the Internet address you were connected to during your visit, the name of the web page from which you entered our site, which of our resources you visited, in what order, and for how long.

Most Excel school websites use the Google Analytics service. Other data-collection and analysis tools may be used at EES, providing they do not collect any form of Personally Identifiable Information (often referred to as 'PII').

In addition, all web servers throughout the Internet collect basic details on connections in their server logs, including requesting IP addresses, resources requested, time of the request, and whether the request was successful.

How we use this data

We aggregate information from the above sources to help us improve our websites and apps by understanding how they are used and to maintain technical quality of systems and services.

Information you provide voluntarily

To access private data, websites and apps require user authentication. Once logged in, you may be asked to provide information such as name, email address, address, birthday, student ID number, etc. While authenticated, you may also access and interact with private information, such as grades, enrollment, class activity, or other privileged information. Such information remains under your control and may only be shared with others by your direct action. EES websites may provide tools to enable you to share information with others, but in no circumstance will any data be shared outside of the School system and/or its contracted providers without your direct action and knowledge.

How we use this data

Excel Education Systems may use voluntarily provided information, including your identity information, to tailor the content of web pages or other communications to your needs, interests, or role(s).

Contact Information

Excel High School welcomes comments regarding this privacy statement. Please convey any questions or concerns to:

Koorosh Vaziri, CIO
Excel Education Systems Office for Information Services

Excel High School

Washington Online Learning Institute

Northgate Academy

A Commitment to Securing Your Data

Excel Education Systems is dedicated to the privacy and security of your data. Excel Education Systems believes in a proactive, multi-layered approach to protect the confidential information belonging to its students and educational partners. This commitment is aligned with industry-standard information security requirements from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Leadership & Culture

The goal of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of student and educational partner information is supported and communicated from the highest level of company leadership. This priority is communicated to all employees upon hire, and continually throughout the year. Our commitment to security is also published externally on our website.

Industry Cybersecurity Framework

Excel Education Systems aligns our cybersecurity framework with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. This industry-leading framework ensures review and measurement of security capabilities across domains.

Cybersecurity Experts

Excel Education Systems retains cybersecurity expertise with industry-leading security certifications include CISSP. Working with partners we are able to assess trends, share threat information, and establish standards that protect students and educational partners.

Hosting Architecture

Computing architecture leverages strong physical access controls erected by reputable hosted solution providers. These environments provide assurance of physical access protection and reliable physical networking components.

Strong Encryption

Information is protected through the use of encryption both in transit and when it is stored at rest. Strong transport encryption protocols are used to secure data in transit. Transport encryption settings with known vulnerabilities are disabled. Data encryption technology is used to encrypt data at-rest using strong encryption standards. Excel Education Systems recently received the highest rating of security for our strong encryption in transit controls.

Third-Party Audits

Annual cybersecurity audits are performed by third-party assessors to confirm we are up-to-date with industry-standard security requirements and that effective controls are established to prove security requirements are satisfied.

Third-Party Data Sharing

Excel Education Systems doesn’t sell or rent student or educational partner data to any third parties. Data is only shared with partners required to perform core services on part of Excel Education Systems. All data is restricted to the principle of least privilege.

Vulnerability & Patch Remediation

Frequent review of vendor and application vulnerabilities are reviewed for remediation through our patch management process. The regularly scheduled recurrence of this security discipline greatly reduces the risk of exploitation.


Excel Education Systems, Inc. and component schools are currently undergoing SOC2 certification process.