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Minnetonka, MN – April 22nd, 2024 – Excel Education Systems, a leader in providing innovative digital educational solutions, is honored to announce its selection as a founding member of the (RAIL) Responsible AI in Learning initiative. This pioneering program, hosted by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, MSA Evolution Lab, is dedicated to integrating advanced AI technologies into educational practices to enhance learning experiences and outcomes.

RAIL is a comprehensive implementation framework for AI in schools and systems. It’s like accreditation for the adoption of AI—and it comes from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the world’s trusted school accreditor since 1887.

The RAIL program aims to leverage artificial intelligence's capabilities to transform educational environments and ensure Literacy, Safety, and Ethics through AI-related education activities. As a founding cohort, Excel Education Systems will collaborate with other leaders in technology and education from around the world to develop and implement AI solutions that address current challenges in education and pave the way for future advancements.

"Being selected to be a founding member of the RAIL program aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver high-quality, innovative education solutions," said Rod Clarkson, CEO of Excel Education Systems. We are excited to work alongside other innovators in the field to explore how AI can make education more engaging and effective for students around the world."

The first RAIL endorsement is in “AI Literacy, Safety, and Ethics.” Schools that pursue this endorsement from the Middle States will earn a digital credential to signal their responsiveness to the most significant technology since the public Internet.

The collaboration within the RAIL program will focus on several key areas:

Development of AI Tools: Creating and refining AI tools that can adapt to individual learning styles and needs.

Curriculum Integration: Ensuring AI tools are seamlessly integrated into curriculums to enhance learning without disrupting the educational process.

Research and Analytics: Utilizing AI to analyze educational data, which can inform teaching practices and learning strategies.

Ethics and Accessibility: Addressing ethical considerations in AI use and making sure these technologies are accessible to all students.

As a founding member of RAIL, Excel Education Systems will contribute its extensive expertise in online education to the RAIL initiative, driving forward the development of AI tools that are not only technologically advanced but also pedagogically sound.

"This is a significant step forward for Excel Education Systems and for the educational community at large," Clarkson added. "Through the RAIL program, we are setting the stage for a future where AI not only supports but enhances the educational journey for students everywhere."

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About Excel Education Systems:

Excel Education Systems is a leading provider of online education and alternative schooling, committed to delivering educational programs that respect the individuality of each student. Founded in 2005, Excel has continuously innovated in the field of digital education technologies, providing solutions that cater to the unique needs of K-12/PS students, adult learners, and education professionals.

About MSA Evolution Lab:

MSA Evolution Lab is dedicated to harnessing the power of machine learning and AI to improve educational practices across the globe. Through its RAIL program, MSA Evolution Lab aims to foster collaboration among technology experts, educators, and policymakers to create transformative educational tools and strategies.